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The VIPXO Chatterview

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Howdy doody?

As promised, in between chatterviewing industry celebs like Liz Earle, I shall be interviewing 'blogger celebs', like Zoella and VIPXO. Hooray!!

I met Victoria at the Glossy Box Blogger Event and I like to think we hit it off straight away (I hope she does too!) -we even shared a little secret love of Harry Potter....because we are cool.

Oooohhh she's got that 'wind in the hair' look down to a tee hasn't she. Jealous.

The VIPXO Chatterview

Hi Victoria, luurvly to have you on Lou's Chatterviews today. How are you today?

Hey Louise! I'm good thanks! I'm on my last couple of days in Canada right now so I'm going through all the photos I've taken for the next photo blog post to be put up!
(FYI. Victoria is now back on British soil. Huzzah!)

Ooohhhh I bet you've got some cracking OOTD's coming up for us all! Would you say OOTD's are you favourite things to blog about?

It's actually been really hard to do them out here without my tripod or lovely boyfriend to take them for me. But I think I've done OK! I wouldn't say they're my favourite thing to do, but they are pretty fun! I feel as though I've found my own style and taking the pictures in different locations is always good to do! Since I've been doing outfit pics its given me a lot more confidence in myself, and it's always nice to know what people think of an outfit. If I don't get much feedback from an outfit post I know it's probably not the best so will probably not wear the same things together again and therefore try something totally different!

So as well as being informative and interesting for your readers, it's quite useful to you as well, as a confidence builder and a style guide?

Yeah totally! As I live with my boyfriend it's very hard to get a real take on an outfit, he doesn't know if it look bad or looks good fashiony wise. It's always nice to have a girly imput!
(brb dinner) Hahaha Yeesssss, we totally did our chatterview on facebook chat and being in different time zones, something was bound to pop up! I could've edited it, but I thought you'd enjoy it ;)

Ooohh you've given your boyfriend a little mention there. How long have you been loved up and what does he think of your other love, your blog?

LOL! We've been together for nearly 3 years. He's so understanding of it all and he's always interested in what's going on! He knows so many of the blogs I read and often asks about X person! He really likes taking my photographs because he knows how important it is to me! He always says as long as I love doing what I do, he does too!

Ahhhh he sounds like a treasure! It's great that you have someone so supportive of your blog. Can I go back to the very beginning (not of time, just of your blog I mean!), What started it all?

Without being totally sickening and lovey he really is the best! It's weird talking about him actually because I don't really talk about us on the blog so it's nice to actually mention him! I started blogging way back at the start of 2010. The whole idea came from a uni project and so I just made a side one and made it more personal. I was having a crappy time living with the girls I was with at the time so it was a kind of escape. It was a place where I could chat to girls with the same interests as me! It all went from there really, can't believe it's nearly been two years!

A tricky one now. There has been a lot of controversy of late surrounding blogs that make a bit of money, either from ads, shops etc. What are your opinions on the matter?

I’m all for it! Each to their own! At the end of the day, if you can make money from doing something you love then why the hell not! It really annoys me how some people are so against sponsored posts and believe ‘it’s all lies and how can they be telling the truth when they’re being paid etc etc.’ The thing is, if a blog has built up a reputation and has turned it in to a job it would be a pretty stupid thing to then ‘review’ a product and totally lie about it. A review is such a personal thing you can’t really know a product until you try it yourself anyway! Some people are incredibly lucky to make their hobby a full time job, and I think the people who moan about are only jealous and wish they could do the same. The money I get from my blog pays my bills every month. Not having to worry about something like that is really nice and I’m very thankful to be able to do that but I don’t get anywhere near enough for it to pay my rent, holidays and shopping sprees! A blog is a marketing tool, so use it as one.

Here here!! I'm totally with you on that!!

I think its a very taboo subject in the blogging world!

As an 'established blogger', like many of us you are lucky enough to have products sent to you to review. What would you say is the best thing you have ever been sent?

You know what, I don't actually get sent that much stuff! Because I'm more a fashion blog I get offered clothing to be featured or reviewed etc and I have been sent some lovely things before. But I think I get more excited getting my Glossybox every month!

OOhhh yeesss, the glossybox is lovely isn't it. AND we got to meet each other! Hurrahhh!! Rightio, I think I've covered your super duper blog (which I urge you Sprinklerinos to check out), shall we crack on with some personal-ish questions?

Sure! Why not?!

Okiesmokes! In three words, what is your style?

Can I just say ‘Recycled’ 3 times?! I still wear clothes that I bought years ago, I’m forever mixing my outfits up!

Ooohhh thrifty- you're tres savvy then, and very green! Ok, where are you most and least favourite places to shop?

Well my favourite has got to be Primark! What can I say... I'm all for throw away fashion! Even if their prices are increasing week by week! I'm not a massive fan of Tophop to be honest! It's so expensive for what it is and I think everyone ends up looking the same!

You can't beat a bit of Primarni! What was your last big splurge?

Oh wow! I can't even remember! That's so bad isn't it?! I'm dying to go shopping when I get back home so who knows I might blow my months wages! I'm hoping to get some make up or perfume in duty free too! Does that count? I'm too good at saving my pennies sometimes!

Ooh I'm jealous of your big spend! We should totally go shopping together sometime, I could do with some tips! Hahaha! As much as I could chat about shopping all day, I'll round it up a bit now. So with 2 years blogging behind you and a good sturdy relationship, where are you hoping to go in the next 12 months?

Ohhh yeah we so should! Only when the sales are on though, of course! I joke… kinda!
In the next 12 months I’ll be so happy if I can continue with what I’m doing now. I’m so happy right now and I feel as though I’m doing what I want to do in my life. I now have a degree under my belt, I’m a part time free-lance writer which also means I can continue with my blog and I get to live with my boyfriend. Life is pretty sweet right now and for the first time in years I’m starting to feel comfortable in myself. I want to make my blog the best it can be, and knowing I’ve been nominated at the Cosmo Blog Awards for ‘established fashion blog’ just means the world to me. I never in a million years thought I’d be where I am now, nor having the opportunity to work part time when most people my age have to work all the hours they can. I’m so lucky, and I hope everything continues to work out!

WOW! What a 'feel good' answer! Well Chummy, I really, truly hope that you achieve all of those things. Thank you ever so much for taking part in this Chatterview, perhaps we should do another one in 12 months to see where you're up to! And of course, plan a shopping the sales indeed!!

Count me in! Byeeeee Louise Glitter! XO


Good ol' Victoria's blog is definitely not one to miss (VIPXO) if you like fashion, beauty, superb photos and a bit of chitchat. Victoria also has a great weekly eBay feature which is always a great temptation to do a spot of online shopping!

I'd like to shout a big THANK YOU to Victoria for coming along to Glitter World and having a chatterview with me, she was such a good sport and said before we started that I could ask her literally ANYTHING- risky little minx!

 If you have any suggestions for people you would like to see chatterviewed, please do let me know.




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